Increase Engagement Rate on OLD account

Clothing Brand
Page 5 Years old
never see more than 20 views from hashtags (maybe theyre not popular in my niche?)

im only getting like 500-3k likes (4k if lucky)

what do i do? any advice any one can share?

thank you

keep on posting – all ya really can do. if by chance ya want to sell it – hmu – old accounts( not posted in while needs time to get back up) mine took a about a year to reach levels of 7-12 percent then back down now to 3 to 5

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20 views from hashtags just seems impossibly low. Have you checked that the hashtags you are using are not banned?

Yes sometimes it happens to me too even on low active active hashtags what are the reasons behind it appart from shadowban ? Is it because of repetition do i have to stop making same hashtag on many posts that mean that on like 20 hashtags i have to change all the 20

theyre not band hashtags, but in fact very popular ones
200-800k posts per day in hashtag
50k-200k posts per day

maybe theyr not hashtags that people look up?