Increase views of video posts/IGTV in Instagram

So I have been playing around with IGTV recently and realised something very bizarre.

With posts, I can get a better organic reach if I am in an engagement pod and get likes and comments soon after I post.

However, when I apply the same techniques to IGTV/video posts where Instagram show views, I can get more likes than views. So for example, after 10mins posting, I may get 25 likes but only 10 views…

What can be count as a view? I thought 25 likes should count as 25 views but it is not the case.

Apart from creating engaging content, what are other ways I can increase views for my video posts/IGTV?

Maybe some of the likes you get are not coming from real profiles, so they just like but don’t actually view your video. Probably the user needs to view your video for x number of seconds in order to be counted as view.