Increase your Follow Back Ratio with the Right Filters

Hey guys, I am changing my User Filters right now and I was wondering by your experience what is the best numbers to set at:

What worked the best for you to avoid following trash accounts and increasing the Follow Back Ratio?
Can I please have an advice on what to keep what to uncheck, which numbers worked the best for you etc.

Thank you really much guys <3

I think you should use the other filters also, to sort out the users you are going to follow. For that range, I think it is good if the number of followers and following are close to each. That is just my opinion, let wait for others.

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Good filter for sure, but engagement ratio filter its more better.
Use them in a combo will be perfect…
Both cause a lot of API CALLS and you could loose a lot of scrapers.

I already try on ONE account, and im using 25 scrapers for 4 master.

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Prolly, each of those filters is meant to prevent you from targeting lousy accounts. You shouldn’t go with too many filters, because you want to avoid too strict filtering but I think having at least 20-30 followers makes the account looking good and you should target those ones.

Thank you everyone for the Replies. @Jaha I am using the gender specific filter and profile picture filter right now. But yes as you said I want to avoid following trash accounts because I noticed that I followed 300-400 Accounts but only got 15-20 Follow backs and most of them were Bots aswell.

Thats why I want to change something in here but I am not sure for which Settings I should change right now, which one to uncheck / change numbers etc.

Thats why I wanted to know what worked for you guys the best and for your Follow Back Ratio.

Some guys here explain well how to improve follow back ratio.

  • Search similar niche account with the follower around 2k to 5k (if you consider actually you can only follow araound 100/day you dont have to scrape too much, 2k followers “raw” are enought)
  • Put this name on an “engagement ration calculator” (there are few tool online) to understand if there is some movement
  • Now you could scrape these followers by filter as necessary (depend of customer requirements)
  • Add at least 1k follower to the source of Jarvee

Avoid too many filters on the FOLLOW tool (ratio and range followers ask a lot API CALLS)

I would say look into your sources more if you are getting lots of bots. Maybe they have been grown with SMM