[Increasing engagement] Let's discuss! Be creative!

I am running some accounts are thinking of the ways to get a lot of comments and engagement on the posts. I had some posts getting 200+ comments on 2-6k account (that’s a lot on my opinion), for example this post of mine:

This account (mine) had only 2k followers at the moment of posting this picture: (no engagement groups, no power likes
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Name a city that doesn’t have the letter “A” in it. I bet you can’t!

Even the question is soooo easy to answer, people are commenting like crazy…

Just by asking this I got a lot of comments.

Do you have any creative ideas what other questions I may ask my followers so I could get a lot of comments of it?


Nice. Read the examples of call to actions i wrote here:


Thanks. But they are more caption-related things that can be spinned… :slight_smile:

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Brilliant thread so far. I like to do the “where are my followers from?” Then wait for the comments to roll in.

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You ask this question on the caption?

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Yeah I would tend to put up a picture of the globe with text saying “where are my followers from?” and then again in the caption. Gets some engagement.


That’s a great question.

That’s a good one