Incredible growth? How?


is page looks beautiful and have alots of followers so he can get bigger fast


to tall the true i give a look on the photographer page
and is page looks beautiful
i don’t think he buy fake followers


This is how he got thie incredible growth:
Quality content > Shared by big pages > Huge Exposure > Massive growth


What huge growth lol? He is gaining 30 followers a day.


M/s is beyond powerful. Whoever says it isnt is either lazy or stoopid. Growing between 300 - 1000 followers a day.

No main automation. If you’re not doing clients and only doing your own m/s is golden. Plus blocks wont bother that much when a coule go down


And possible huge bleed? I mean it’s like those annoyig give aways. You see massive growth. Once the give away is over or not even people unfollow when the person posts. But it probably helps to a certain extend. Feel like it’s not too good for the IG algo. My 2 cents


Its nearly 2 years old. ER sucks ( so does the feed) possibly bought shouts or fake followers. I bet fakes because likes don’t spike up if bought a shoutout


Well considering the type of content and the engagement rate being super bad its not that easy to grow 30 followers a day(although I think it was more than 30 cant check as ninjalitycs is down atm). If you think its not a big deal I assume you probably know exactly how he does it then if its anything other than fake likes?

Do share with us if you do.

True, but its much harder than it used to be and takes a lot of effort to keep the slaves alive. :frowning_face:

I think it very well could be it. I had some hopes that it may be something more than that but probably it is indeed just fake follows. It looks like its now easier to just buy fake followers for clients instead of growing them organically especially if the client has no idea on how IG works.

Honestly with the recent blocks I think people will start using that as a strategy more and more often. Get a client - take the money - buy fake followers, smh…

GJ Ig for screwing up your own platform :+1:


Honestly it’s only 20k. For me it’s a Damn child account and don’t care. If over a mill. I would research it until I knew everything . just accept it. Small accounts that stay small are a waste of time to learn from.


Reason I do care is that its a managed clients account where someones making some decent money out of it (again not sure how much exactly). Thats why I thought it would be interesting if there was indeed some sophisticated strategy behind it - maybe something to learn from to offer my clients.

If its just fake follows or buying shoutouts it just puts into perspective on what IG smm has come to.


No magic. Get account name seen. Shutouts or adds…mentions or guess what . content that is relatable to niche


Not true! I run front end business for most of my time. And still i manage to keep it running. I’ll be the proof of that

Edit but you have to be willing to build it and more even build it when it goes bad. (Blockwave). I was building backups. Now everything is going full send


Well congrats on figuring it out then :slight_smile: I am still struggling a lot with blocks so are a lot of people on the forum so m/s may be not viable for all of us (or maybe until we figure it out) :confused:


It’s not proxy. I’m running the EXACT same DC’s since i started more than a year ago

And i swear being non technician, no coder and still not lvl2 (damn you mpsocial) i had the WORST experience with blocks ever


I personally don’t want fake followers on my account. If I pay someone to grow my page and they just buy fake followers, I would be super pissed.


I have an account where I just repost and it gains 500+ Followers a day. ER is low af, but I don’t know from where these followers come. It’s now over 4 weeks with that kind of grow