Incredible growth? How?

So I found this account @work_stuff_detailing which has a huge growth. I can only imagine it’s coming from the master/slave method as there are no following fluctuations on the main account when you check ninjalitycs.

With the recent Armageddon i assumed that the master/slave method was either not working or in the very least was hobbling a little bit. It can’t be post boosts either as the engagement rate on each of these posts is really bad.

Any ideas on how is this guy getting such a huge growth?

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I’m not sure when he started buying fake accounts as followers, but he could have started off with say 10 - 15k real followers and then the recent in-surge is all fake. 62% is not a good rating.


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There are many blackhat ways to grow right now

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That looks like a lot of fake followers.

There’s this guy who is growing like 5-10k followers a day:

His stats here:

He is being backed up by most of the big pages. But still this growth is unbelievable. His engagement rate for this size is insanely high too!


Now that is a quality Instagram account right there.

Like what other methods?

FAKE IT, TILL YOU MAKE IT :slight_smile:

anyway well done

I just realized, this account can also be a great source to take the account who recently followed him :star_struck:

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Wowww, this will be named the great response of the month hahahaha !!


haha true. lots of value in that response :joy::rofl::rofl: pretty much a golden nugget on how to grow - “just use some blackhat methods” :rofl:


There is no possible way he is doing Mother/Slave Method. He is purging fake followers. Just check the engagement rate. Usually accounts with good ER might be doing Mother/Slave Method.

What page did you use to check these statistics?

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I know value when I see it. Well done and thanks for the valuable info!

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I’m interested in this tool!

His followers are fake. 20K accounts shouldn’t only have 200 like and a handful of comments per post. My 20K account has 10x of that engagement.

why do you think so?

maybe it works, but…100% it can be detected. Just mentioned Chrome extension!! so extremely easy to detect.


It will work, be conservative with the actions :wink:

Ok just to be straight with you guys (didn’t want to say it at first you never know who might be here) I personally know the guy who owns this page and he is apparently paying some decent money to the guy who manages/grows it (didn’t tell me how much).

Maybe that’s the way to go? Just buying fake followers for your clients? :joy: