IndaHash for microinfluencer

I’ve been reading a lot of these platforms that brings influencers and sponsors together. Can you actually make serious bucks through these? I have been reading a lot online and no one really gives real numbers. Would you recommend IndaHash and other platforms like it?

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a much better solution will be independent bleeding and contact with the brands. Indahash its a waste of time :v:


Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile: This is pretty much the picture I got as well.

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Pleasure my friend :heart:

@Bjorck I’ve been wondering the same thing but with other companies, like Tribe. It just seems too saturated on some of these platforms.

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i Would recommend DMs and cold email a ton of brands!

Checkout : /

i made this Topic just so you can get most relevant sites and also others can find it helpful

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Appreciate your time and effort. :raised_hands:

Do you have experience if it is easier to get smaller brands to co-operate with you than larger ones? If you do the searching of the brands yourself, do you search them from Instagram directly?

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I am searching lately the same thing… I cannot say I am impressed by now from the offerings for collaborations of the platforms I tried… I am also wondering the same like you. If other influencers have tried to contact brands per DM.