Indefinite Action Block

Anyone experiencing an action block without a specific end date? My scenario is this: I have been manually growing my 30k account since the first couple of waves of action blocks last June/July. My account even got permanently disabled at one point in which it took me a couple days and emails to get back. Anyways any time I have been action blocked in the past it’s lasted anywhere between a day to a whole week. Recently the newest action block I’ve been hit with has no end date mentioned in the pop up and its been well over a week now.

Any suggestions to beat this?

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It might be a session block, log out and login


change IP and browser(or Clear data instagram) you will be able to follow again… if you have a home router turn it off wait a few mins then back on.Check that the IP has changed

I logged off, deleted the app and restarted my router and it’s back to working now.