Infinicore shut down by Instagram?

Hi guys!

I’ve stumbled upon this post on Quora yesterday:

Apparently, Infinicore, organic Instagram growth tool was shut down. I’ve also tried to visit their website, and it’s offline.

Have anyone used this tool beside me? I didn’t get any notification about ut and I sincerely hope that my accounts are safe. Would really appreciate any additional info.

Yeah, it was shut down yesterday, I used infinicore for a while, but I got my profiles out of it on time. Change the credentials just to be safe

Here you can find some alternatives:

Fuelgram wont get you shadowbanned or likeblocked by instagram (as Infinicore did) because it uses real likes from actual influencers, so check it out

stay away from fuelgram as far as you can :slight_smile:


Fuelgram WILL get you shadowbanned because it uses low-spam accounts to like you pictures. Tried myself.


Damn, I really loved infinicore. Looks like a lot of powerlike sellers will have some explaination to do to their clients

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On the contrary, I’ve heard good things about Infinicore myself (never tried it though) but lots of negative feedback about the low quality of Fuelgram likes.

I understand you have your agenda but I hope no one is fooled by misleading information. Honestly I cannot suggest an alternative myself either but as @dma0245 said staying away from Fuelgram is recommended.


I did a little digging on the forum, seems like you be lurking on all posts that mention fuelgram and say similar things

That awfully resembles something a competitor would do, cause I can’t imagine someone being so salty about a powerlike service tbh

what misleading information? I understand you have your own opinion as well, but the fact Instagram destroyed infinicore speaks a lot more than the fact you heard some “good things” about them

I was very satisfied with fuelgram, but that does not mean anyone reading my reply needs to get it - that’s why I placed a video on the thread, in case you didn’t notice

So it’s just a coincidence that one person actively promoting Fuelgram on this forum started a topic about Infinicore being shut down and then another person promoting Fuelgram shows up in the very same topic? These tactics are clever, I’ll give you that, but the fact of the matter is that Fuelgram is :poop:. Even lots of 100k+ profiles that give you likes there are actually fake. Again, I cannot suggest any alternative as I’m still to find a legit powerlike provider but Fuelgram is a no-no.

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I haven’t seen a single fake account on FG, if you have some proof of that, I’d like to see it. :slight_smile:

I guess if we were working together or something else like you’re implying, we could muster up at least a few more people to start “spreading the word”

Anyhow, my point is that infinicore got shut down and fg is still up and running - yet you said that you heard good things about infinicore and bad things about fuelgram. That’s the part that struck my eye as it does not make any sense tbh.

There are MANY people who use fuelgram and are satisfied judging by what I’ve seen, so I don’t know if many will agree with your eloquent “fg is shit” argument - but, again, you are entitled to your own opinion

I used the tool, I’d recommend it to anyone who’s on the market for a similar service.

the clients i manage, the dm groups I work with, my friends on insta — every single one has a bad taste with Fuelgram. , they are not a competitor but users. I am talking about accounts 50K plus with excellent content and accounts – without exception used it and said it was shitty. I am glad you had good experience with them. even used toilet paper can be used as fertilizer, and that is exactly what fuelgram is – used toilet paper, nuff said

and i was being kind in my description of them :slight_smile:


Nice try. And please tell me, since I’m a competitor what exactly am I promoting? :joy::joy::joy:
Fuelgram is :poop:. Everyone in this forum knows it. Must be hard to do marketing for them. :joy:

what do you mean by change the credentials? I had an account on infincore but couldn’t get it out in time.

Fuelgram helped me get 300-500+ followers a day on some of my accounts don’t think its low quality imo but I was in niche groups on it if you are in general groups it will most likely be low quality and spammy. Is all what you need to manage your Instagram or the one of your clients.


Funny, I’ll give you that. :smiley:

I’m sorry all of them had bad experiences with fg, I am in a travel-oriented group and it worked like a charm. What niches did these people use on fuelgram? If you have that information, ofc

You don’t have to promote anything if you’re dragging a competitor through the dirt, that has an effect as well. But I’m sure you already know this!

Yeah, that sounds about right. I’m in the travel gropu myself, can’t speak for general groups as I did not use them at all


I’m in the travel niche and got likes from weed accounts and naked women. Yes fg it’s really legit. :joy:
On a more serious note, it’s clear by just checking your history that you pop up just to advertise that crap.

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I haven’t seen a single weed account, but thank you for sharing this nonsense.
You mean the two threads I left fuelgram comments on in the last 15 days? Yeah, I’m the most active promoter on the internet! now where’s my check

I would suggest your company to change its marketing strategy really. Coming here and promoting fg it’s not gonna work.


Sorry to bump an insanely old thread (but this thread went un-answered). Infinicore got a cease and desist from the Facebook developer team.

For those of you who don’t already know, a cease and desist is essentially threatening a lawsuit if infinicore didn’t shut down immediately.

It had nothing to do with their activity being tracked by Instagram (at that time you could use DC proxies and API fine).

The thing that alerts Instagram to these operations are exposure, not necessarily scale.

If you search up ‘infinicore’ on YouTube you’ll see dozens of people talking about it and sharing their referral link. If you look for more underground tools like ‘toolscast’ or ‘socialtools’ or even ‘fuelgram’, you’ll see a lot less going on.

Believe it or not, there are actually a couple of platforms right now attempting automated pods with varied success, but they’re all underground. Not sure if there’s much on level 2 and 3 about it, but there’s one that’s back.