Influence contact list?

Hello everyone i want to launch a product and i need a list of IG influencers / youtube where can i get this with a little to no investment? i dont wanna use agencys and middle men let me know what you use or if you can point me in the right direction thanks in advance.

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I doubt anyone is going to give you the list of influencers they use. It would be easier to just give money away. Finding influencers is not hard. Put in the work to get what you want. Go to the search bar of whatever platform, type in your keyword, sort results however you want, and then contact.

lol nobody said free list im paying money for it instead of scavenge hunting myself i got better things to focus on rather than DMing each page

Same thing…

you’re the annoying guy that brings zero to no value on this forum always have to put your 5 cents into everything just to get your points up smh