Influencer Automation

Hi everyone, there’s something I’m genuinely curious about. Is there any influencer that exists that hasn’t used some kind of automation to grow massive followings? Is it even possible to grow “naturally,” especially in today’s climate. I’m talking about instagram specifically, but also curious about youtube, facebook, etc.


Yes, there is possible. Depends of what you’re doing in the life outside Instagram. A successfully youtuber will have its audience grow masively. Also Twitch streamers, gamers etc. There are ways to hire some VA to do some managing for your account, but yes, I think it’s possible

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Possible, yes.

Likely, no.

It doesn’t make sense not to use some of the tools that everyone else you are competing with has access to just for “the love of art”.


Everyone’s on steroids baby!


right! Thank you! That’s what I wanted to hear :joy: Sometimes I feel bad that I need to automate my account to grow… but so is everyone else! Everyone is juicing :eyes:

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Agreed! Automation is needed to stay afloat in the social media scene

The key I believe is content. The most successfull influencer have great content for their audience. And then automation to top it off with.
Automation just does things much easier brother. Also the fact that when you grow big, you need to stay engaged with your followers. And doing that manually is really hard when you wanna use all possible options.

Evend the big brands like Nike and stars like Kanye uses automatiation on IG.

Really? That I didn’t know

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Let’s define what we mean by “automation”.

I doubt most influencers use things like Jarvee, MassPlanner, or any sort of f/u bot. I don’t believe they’re that savvy of marketing hacks like those.

They most likely automate content posting, as being a content creator is an actual job (takes actual work and planning).

The key to the game is content and you can’t fake good content. (well to an extent at least).

Yes it is possible to grow naturally of course but its not easy. You need to be very good at something, content is very important and also you need to promote yourself or your brand everywhere not just the social network you want to grow. I know one girl designer who built her fashion brand from 500 to 20k+ in less than year all authentic followers and now growing more and more. She have 1. really nice content images,stories,videos. 2. promotion on relevant websites and magazines (she get articles sometimes that write about her work and her brand). 3. She visit various fashion events, meet new people and then do some work together or exchange shoutouts. List can go on…