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Since Influencer Giveaways seem to get more and more interesting, here’s a little opinion of mine… Recently I’ve came across an interesting offer from a known member of a different forum, he’s offering 0.10$/niche related Follower…definitely curious to find out how these giveaways will succeed, especially knowing that it can be pretty tough to find such a massive pool of niche related influencers.
But we’ll see & I’ll let you know the results in the next days after the first giveaway ended.
Not sure yet if this method is something for me… always preferred quality above quantity & we all know that these people won’t follow you because your content is great. But niche related followers for 0.10$ could be great!


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Yes, I got the same message from a couple different people on this forum :slight_smile:

Niched giveaways sound good, but I’m interested in seeing the results as I’m not sure if the followers will actually engage even if somewhat targeted.

An example would be fashion. People have different tastes and I don’t think all accounts would have widespread appeal as people just have differing preferences haha but def interested in seeing the data and analyzing engagement rate.

I am also interested to get more info about it…

I’ve ran numerous influencer giveaways before in multiple niches.

They’re not worth it unless you need social proof that doesn’t drop.

You’ll notice an engagement jump throughout the duration of the giveaway, but as soon as it ends, 5-30% of the followers you’ve gained will unfollow, and none of the followers that remain will engage with your content.

The reason why is simple. They didn’t follow you for your content. They followed you to win the iPhone, the camera, the cash prize, the travel holiday. etc. You get the point.

I’ve done really niched giveaways and broad giveaways, but mainly it doesn’t make a difference to the ER. What I can say is that it’s possible to nurture the new followers you get into engaging, by staying hyper-active on your stories for the duration of the giveaway, and speaking to the new followers (selfie mode).

Hope that helps!

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Do you think that influencer giveaways are not really worth doing on clients management, or in some cases its a good way to boost clients growth?

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I find that it’s counter-productive and in some cases I won’t take on clients because they’ve done giveaways in the past.

What usually happens is that they consistently lose 5-20 followers per day even after the initial drop, which then makes it hard to make their account grow and prove you’re doing anything, because you’re fighting the drop of followers.

If my growth service gains then 20 followers per day and they’re losing at the same rate they could cause problems for me in the future and claim my service isn’t doing anything for them, so I wouldn’t advise using it on existing clients.


do you guys know of any groups / people offering these types of giveaways?
I’d be very interested in joining and pay for that service to get more followers