Influencer marketing - contracts/ agreements?

So I’ve had good success in dropshipping an Aliexpress product via Instagram (last post), and recently a pretty good IG influencer has contacted me in regards to becoming an affiliate. I was also thinking of doing some affiliate promos with Youtube influencers, so this is a good timing.

Thing is:
While on surface it’s quite simple: promote via unique link > pay influencer % or flat fee agreed upon, the details and " nick picky" stuff has me wondering if to create a sort of contract or agreement terms type-of-thing?

Cause there will the some stuff to be made clear - like no negative language, payment terms, specifics to cover with physical product promos (youtubers) etc. And like how would it be ‘official’?
Like an online form with a checkbox? Esignature?
Or maybe that really isn’t needed once I deal with credible influencers?

Does anyone have any experience with this? Advice?

EDIT: Lol guess no one knows; will try other fourms,


Guess no one knows.

Talk to your lawyer for such things.


No contract with someone in a country where you can also enforce the contract -> Full risk :slight_smile:


Send a media kit with an agreement. Agree on a CPM rate and cut out the profit share opportunity. From my experience people want a steady income not a PS. But depends on niche/product more info will receive more feedback.

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If I were you I’d just have a Terms of Service that addresses such things on the website they’d be accessing and by accessing the website they are agreeing to you terms of service and privacy policy.


If your paying someone $50-1000 its all trust man, a contract is just a “professional agreement” in these small ass deals. if someone takes your money and signs a contract, you need to hire a lawyer and go through all the bullshit and it’s not worth it. I always hop on the phone w/my influencers and try to stick to my big 5 countries. Canada, US, UK, Austrillia & certain parts of europe. I’v been scammed by to many bs influnecers in the past.

Lay everything out in writing, use your best judgement and find people who are consistently posting high quality content, they are the ones who are your long term partners then hope for the best.

If your talking about 10-30k deals, that’s another story, then a contract your safe and protected.

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So is what your trying to say is that there is no point in signing a contract sent from a client? If I would be charging $100/month?

No, I’m saying at the end of the day the contract means shit because what’s going to happen if the influencer scams ya? Your not going to hire a lawyer and sue them over a $100 deal but yeah always create one because it makes the transaction more “legit and professional.” If you are an influnecer and denied signing a contract, I wouldn’t do business with you. Just my 2 cents tho…


Contract is not always a bad idea.

You are going to spend more in the contract than in the influencer lol

It’s funny when people say things like “Ask your lawyer”. As if everybody just has a personal lawyer on speed dial.

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