Influencer Marketing [THE SECRET SAUCE?]

Hey guys so I’ve done a couple sponsored posts for a couple different brands in the past. I was wondering if there’s a way to streamline the whole process.

I’ve heard of Cohley and AspireIQ for content creators/influencers to find active brand campaigns. Personally I can’t get accepted into AspireIQ because they probably know I automate. Any advice is appreciated!

If you can’t get into Aspire it has nothing to do with automation. I use it, and so do several other influencers I know that follow/unfollow. If you didn’t get in, then your engagement looks off.

Edit: I know this comes off as kind of harsh. Definitely not my intention though.

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Nah it’s all good bro. What’s you ER at?? Because it’s definitely not my engagement that’s off.

It was around 7-8% when I got accepted. I have 75k followers though.

Hmmm I guess mines is low then. I’m at 4% which I thought was avg and 10%+ was trending/godlike.

I see a lot of “influencers” with shit ER but still are working with brands through AIQ.

They must meet some of their other requirements, what are the rest of your numbers?

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4% with how many followers?

Depends on followers. 4% is low for anything under maybe 100k. In the hundred thousands and millions you tend to see 1-4% more often, at least with an authentic audience.

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