Influencer marketing with link in bio

So, I will be working on a Influencer campaign with the goal to share awareness of a brand and drive traffic to a website. We will be using at least 10 influencers within a certain niche, but it might be a much bigger number later on. Also, the brand still hasn’t built their bussiness Instagram account, so it won’t have social proof for at least couple of months. My question is this - if we ask all the influencers to post the link in bio, would this trigger Instagram’s algorithm and mark the website as spammy? Or this shouldn’t be a problem?

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There is something called “clocking” some people provide it as a premium service, this will make each of your links unique on each accounts even if the destination is the same, it’s not like bitly where it’s just convert the link and change it, this is something better and safer, google it out :wink:


Hey thanks for the answer! I am already familiar with that method, but it is quite expensive and definetly not something that this client wants to use. It is an efficient way nevertheless, so thanks anyway

yeh its ecpensive but you can use a free one but you need to buy domains well its free

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you could use

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I understand perfectly your goal here, I had similar case and I decided not to continue with the customer until his social presence was good enough to use influencers. You must explain that IG is not the place for what he wants, better to put the money in FB and Google ads and get legit traffic.


Thanks for the suggestions guys