Influencers platform to look for good sources

Hello, guys,

I am wondering is anyone here who can recommend an influencers platform which could provide you all audience info - how many of followers are women or men, where are the major part of followers from, the age and so on? Looking for a really comfortable tool with reasonable price since.

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I do not know if igblade does not have something like that.
But also join the question :slight_smile:

Yo have but its not cheap . 1 $ per account audited

Also there is , with not all that details but its free

Did you try hypeauditor?

What you suggested me is basically the platform when you put the username in the search bar and it shows you all the info about this one account.

I need it to work other way, when you put filters like I need fashion blogger in UK who has mostly female followers and then they provide you a list of those bloggers and you can use them in sources when you need location based followers for your clients. can do it , but it’s not very comfortable for me, also scrunch can do it, but it’s very expensive. I thought maybe someone knows something in the middle of price and comfortability. :slight_smile:

Hypeauditor works in other way I need, explained it in previous message. But thank you. :slight_smile:

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The do have also that option called Discovery . Not sure about the price

Also you can find this " filter thing " here but not with details of the followers

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Thanks, still, it’s too pricey. :slight_smile: uff, and i thought i found out something that will help search for better sources. :slight_smile: