Initial login with scraper accounts

So I purchased some scraper accounts which are intermittently working well. However, I have a couple that have required the phone number verification then get the “we’ll check your account and get back within 24 hours” which I know means the account is gone.

What I’ve been doing is logging into the accounts initially through my residential IP then run the account in JV through my mobile proxy. The reason for this is because all of the scrapers need email verification on the website prior to workin on JV. I’m afraid that IG has blocked my home IP for new accounts.

Any suggestions on how to login and EV these scrapers without using my home IP or compromising the proxy I have my accounts running on?

One thing I forgot to add is when to add the cookies to take the accounts valid. What is a healthy sequence of adding the scrapers to keeping them verified to avoid blocks?

Pv is something that you will get soon or later no matter what you do, so try to use real sim cards that you buy locally from your country to avoid having that "we will check your account 24h " after pv.

If it’s possible, ask the account seller to give you the binary files of the accounts which include the cookies, so you don’t need to import the API cookies manually or have to log in to the accounts using your home IP first.

Import the cookies when the account status is still pending.