Initializing Account Status

I have facing the one of my old Account on Initializing mode. i have tried with different method but did not over come the issue. Please guide how to over come this issue…
Please check the screenshot.

Check to see if the account has the correct login details by manually logging in via EB.

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Yes it correct login . also it logging via EB successfully… what is the reason behind it ?

Do you have ‘Use ONLY the Embedded Browser’ checked in Advanced profile settings?

If so, you need to scroll down and mark the account as valid (if it is logged into the EB but you do not want it to use the API).

This happen to me a few times. If all is correct and it’s still showing initializing just go down to the bottom of the page and click valid. It should start working

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Yes when it was vaild status. But when i try to run story Views tool then account go to action required. please help us

It could be a proxy error or you may have to reset your password

action required will lead to Email verification you need to do an EV then see how it goes.

better to do the EV from the embedded browser.

When you’ve got Initializing status, it’s possible that your proxy is bad. Try switching to different proxy and see if that helps.