Ins unfollow block in real phone

I have an ins account have unfollow block over than a week, and its F/L are working fine around 160 without problems,AC,PV or EV. Anyone have a same problem like me? Do you think i should stop F/L in this account and let’s it get some rest?

I think you can just continue F/L but moderately as you wait for the unfollow block to be removed.

“IG account”. Thanks :wink:

Oh ! That’s what she meants by “ins”, we learn everyday :slight_smile:

did you rest the unfollow for 3 days ?

happened to me as well, I waited 48 hours and now it’s fine without any issues

Just make sure to not F/UF too quickly

I got the same thing for 1 week and now it’s working fine. So just be patient

have you tried to log out and log back in? Unless it’s an all action block with expiration date, you can usually clear it by logging out and back in. But be careful if you do that too often, it may lead to AC and all action block.

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