Insert Link in video Twitter

Hi all!
Today i’m see this video in Twitter!

How to insert this link to video?
Please show me how.


You can do by using the twitter media center. Upload your video there first, then edit the data - Title, description, link, etc.

I’m about 90% sure that you need to be running ads to access the media center, though. If you’re not able to access it, reply here and I’ll tell you a workaround.

EDIT: Brain fart - it’s Media Studio, sorry. Not Media Center.


Thanks you!
But how to access Media Studio?

Hmm… Do you advertise on Twitter?

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I received message: Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program. Learn more about Twitter Ads eligibility.

Not a problem. Here’s what you do.

  1. Log into twitter. Click on your profile pic on the top right and click on “Twitter Ads”
  2. The new window/tab that opens will have the URL something like this:**XXXXXXXXXX**/payment_methods/new?ref=gl-tw-tw-twitter-ads

The xxx will be your account ID. The URL may look different, but the account ID will be right after the “/accounts/” in the URL. Copy this.

  1. Use this URL ->**YYYYYYYYYYY**/media

Replace the “YYYYYYY” with your own account ID.

Tell me if it works.


OMG! I did! Thanks you very much! :laughing:

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Thank you very much for the workaround!
Genius! :slight_smile:

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Does anyone knows if it’s possible to do this with Jarvee?