Insights into future releases, updates etc

I discovered this girl making a living of reverse engineering apps (fb, ig, twitter, airbnb, pinterest, etc) to find unreleased features etc. It’s quite interesting to follow along and get insights into the ideas IG has. While most of these features are unreleased, it’s a great opportunity to learn about where social media could be heading, future releases and how they are thinking.

Just 15hours ago she made a twitter posting about IG testing a lyrics function:

Her website:


nice share thx

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Thank you man! finally someone worth Following in twitter!

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dope, thanks for sharing with us!

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Doing my best to give back <3


Thats pretty cool. Good for figuring out future IG updates :slight_smile:

Hmm, not common to see a girl doing this kind of stuff, I want to date her.

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Yeah she’s sounds different and interesting, but also the hardest kid ever to raise: “When my dad [installed] parental controls, I would find ways to break it to prove the point, ‘Hey it is breakable,’” Wong told CNN Business.

Imagine her at 4 years old, It’s like having a mini tomb raider ninja refusing to be shut in.