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Hey guys…

Some people just get FB. They know what works, what doesn’t… and where the boundaries are. I’d love to say that I’m one of those people, but I’m not. At least not yet. But I’m learning.

Perhaps you’ve heard of In my opinion, these guys are FB geniuses. And when you come across real geniuses, it’s worth studying, understanding - and where possible - emulating their approach.

The basics

These guys have a network of “health” sites:

The FB pages for these sites are:

From their website (and FB) here are their key metrics:

  • The Hearty Soul: 0 to 7.2 million monthly unique visitors in 10 months (797,414 FB Likes)
  • Healthy Holistic Living: Over 2.9 billion Facebook impressions (1,582,012 FB Likes)
  • Family Life Goals: 0 to 5.3 million pageviews in 4 months (108,000 FB Page Likes)

Inspiration and lessons learned

After studying their FB pages and sites for several hours, here’s what I’ve learned:

Focus is important – instead of dabbling across a wide variety of social platforms, and doing a half-assed job across all of them, these guys have a laser focus on FB. If you look at their websites, you’ll notice that (unlike many of their more established competitors e.g. magazines that have been around for decades) they don’t advertise any Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube channel for their brands. That means all of their expertise and resources are put into owning FB. They’re not attempting to source or create content for (or attempting to work out the intricacies of) multiple channels.

Key takeaway: Focus on one (or perhaps a handful) of social channels to give yourself the best chance of developing expertise and “owning” your niche for a particular channel.

Own a niche – these guys focus solely on health and wellness. They’re not attempting to create pages about diverse topics such as hardware, cars or get rich quick schemes (or whatever CPA offer appears to be paying out). This means they’re able to (and frequently do) cross promote their content.

Key takeaway: Choose a niche and stick to it. This will allow all of your web properties to benefit from each additional marketing initiative, thereby growing your brand/s and influence.

Leverage experts – There’s lots of crappy health and wellness sites out there offering content from non-experts. These guys offer lots of content from non-experts too. In fact, heaps of it… But they’re smart enough to have a smattering of articles authored by Dr. Oz wannabes on their homepages. These expert articles disguise the much larger pool of “non-expert” (fairly crappy) articles, many of which are probably authored by college students for tens (rather than hundreds) of dollars. Here’s the best part… their expert authors are enticed into their network for free (so they can gain more traffic to their web properties).

Key takeaway: Legitimize your site/offer by leveraging experts in your niche.

Use automated tools – A careful study of the FB pages for each of their brands reveals significant use of automated tools. It often takes a user of a tool like MP to know what to look for, but I’m sure if you look at the profiles of those routinely sharing their posts, you’ll see the patterns (one profile photo, 12 friends, posting lots of related content to their profile walls, etc etc) and reach the same conclusion…. these guys are masters of automation!!!

Key takeaway: Use MP… okay, you’re already doing that – good! (so just keep learning how to use it better)

Network with others of similar size/scale – These guys routinely share content from (and in return have their content shared by) other large FB pages. It’s not rocket science, but many of us (thinking of myself here) get caught up in the automation and forget/don’t have time to reach out to others and simply develop support networks.

Key takeaway: Find others in your niche of a similar size/maturity who you can develop relationships with to share each other’s content. Don’t wait until you’re big to do this. Start as soon as you can and keep trading up.

Learn as much about your social platform’s algorithm as you can – These guys clearly know much more about FB’s algorithm and what works than the hipster douche bag social media managers that work for their (much bigger and more established) magazine brand competitors. A good example is the number of shares their posts receive. These shares (as previously mentioned) are often going to the FB walls of non-existent (automated) accounts which presumably they own or control. While their large magazine competition focus on post “likes” these guys often have more “shares” than likes. I’m guessing they’re well aware that a “share” is weighted more heavily than a simple “like”.

Key takeaway: While it won’t always be possible to read the developers blog for your chosen platforms, you can get a good understanding of how the algorithm works simply by studying what those most successful (often without any right to be) are doing.

Consider advertising – These guys boost some of their posts. I’ve tested using a couple of my FB accounts. If you like one of their pages (but not their other pages) or if you like one of the pages liked by their page, guess what… you’ll occasionally see FB ads promoting posts from their network. If you like one of these posts, you’ll soon receive an invitation to like their page. We all know that this can be an effective way to boost FB likes, but I’m guessing it also supports their (basically pretty dodgy) use of FB. I’m not sure what level of protection it offers, but it seems at least plausible that FB turns a blind eye to their (fairly obvious) network of automated accounts that like their content.

Key takeaway: Pay the piper. Suckerberg is all about money. If you help him play the Jewish piano (also known as his cash register) he’ll sell his grandmother (not that you’d want her!) to you. But if you’re spamming his platform with CPA offers and not allowing him to twinkle the ivories, he’ll get really f@cking angry and ban your accounts.

There are other things I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) by studying the approach these guys take. They’re smart. They’re obviously doing things at scale. And they’re clearly making money from their efforts.

Hope these observations help and inspire you on your journey to screwing suckerberg in the arse and making some decent coin. Keep pumping my MP friends…


I studied a lil’ bit their website, man they have loads of content on their website, they have built a pretty strong network

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Hey @sweet
They’ve definitely built a strong network. And they do have a lot of content on their websites. But there are plenty of large traditional magazine businesses in the health and wellness vertical that have tonnes of content published on their websites too. Oftentimes, it’s of a better quality (and authored by more authoritative sources) than the stuff from Hearty Soul et al. However, these guys smash the hell out of them. Why? I think it’s largely because of their understanding and expertise across the FB platform and their ability to automate (at scale). I think they intentionally set out to create a sophisticated blackhat model (involving regular ad payments to FB) that leaves their traditional competitors (who probably perceive automation as cheating!!!) in their dust. Hopefully it inspires some of the other MP users here to up their game, leverage their significant knowledge, step away from the CPA stuff, and start making inroads against some of the laggard businesses using FB the old school way.

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@Arthur I know what you mean. I right am strugling to build an amazon affilaite site, nothing complicated, simple and clean. I am using instagram and facebook to get traffic, I am still getting used to facebook it is a lil’ bit complicated for me, gonna spy on these guys, maybe I can reverse engineer their stuff

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Good idea. I think a little reverse engineering could be in order…

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Fantastic post @Arthur and a good case study. I too often analyse websites and their respective pages like this and it’s clear that they all use automation to kick start the growth of their posts.

I completely agree with your point about maintaining focus on one social network and doing it well. My choice of network is clearly facebook and I think we all know why. I’d love to work across multiple platforms but I simply don’t have the time to do it all by myself, though in future I may branch out.

I’ve said this in one of my previous posts on here and I’ll say it again, the most important part of your pages growth is the sharability of your content which these guys clearly understand. You really need to get inside the mind of your audience, question who they are, what they like, why they like it, how it makes them feel and how to leverage that emotion.

My plan is to eventually create a network of strong adsense and amazon sites. I am currently building the foundations of this network with various niche facebook pages. All of my content is tailored carefully to maximise shareability, at the moment I don’t post any external links.

Content is still king, and engagement will come if you do your research.


Couldn’t agree more @Millionaire. Great comment. And you’re spot on… understanding your brand’s ideal customer and delivering content that engages them is key!!! MP is a phenomenal tool. I believe it has far greater application than the spam, CPA, click-and-win mindset that seems to dominate its use. In my opinion, if used appropriately, this is a tool that can help build brand assets eclipsing any short term CPA revenue. Hope you are tracking well. Would be keen to know what vertical/niche you’re in to see if we can help each other out. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a PM (or vice versa!)

Great Post, But not everything is like it seems.

Just running some tools and:

1st website are doing bussiness on FB for more than 2 years and “only” get’s 4,8M views/month, and start losing some traffic now (around 5%);
2sc website are doing bussiness on FB for more than 10 years and “only” get’s 1,9M views/ month and are losing 15% every month;
3tr website are doing bussiness on FB for more than 1 year and 4 months and “only” get’s 67,7K views/ month and are losing 25% every month;

Of course they are a case of success, but nothing out of this world, they started in the golden age of FB.

Wanna see a true facebook master?
see this 2 sites and all his network: 1 year and 2 month activity, 8,3M FB fans, 10M views/month; 3 years and 3 months activity, 24,1M FB fans, 36,7M views/month;
And they have more, much more.



Thanks for this case study of a successful FB network!
I found it to be very helpful!

Dude, those websites are insane, getting close 40 million visits?? wtf?

Much appreciated @Arthur. I have to say though, Family Life goals posts like 1x an hour. Like isnt that alot of posts and content. For my business 1x or 2x a day max.

I am getting more and more now that simply re-posting content on different platforms does NOT suffice.

Each platform is different and people use it for different reasons.

Instagram vs Facebook:

Audience is mostly female between 18-26
Go there to look at pictures and videos (mostly pics)
HOW TO USE: Post Engaging Pictures

Audience is 50/50. Between 26-40-ish
Go there to catch-up with family and friends.
HOW TO USE: Post Engaging Content, GIVE, GIVE, GIVE. Articles/HOW-TOs/And Pictures/Videos.

Hey @Millionaire and @Arthur. I was actually wondering HOW I can find the answers to the questions that @Millionaire mentioned:

I was looking, if possible the questions I would ask and what the answers might sound like. Also if I could do this without asking questions (IE: Look at certain Instagram Profiles).

A Niche I want answers on is Womens Clothing (Age: 18-26)

Thanks for any help!

@Arthur Awesome post! Your post is probably one of the most insightful posts behind the ‘Complete List of Facebook Methods’ on here. Awesome research, awesome insights, and incredibly important takeaway - study your best competitors and emulate them.

Keep up the awesome work!