Insta Bot + Dm groups Enough or not?

hello guys i just started with instagram, i want to know if use software bot like jarvee(for follow and unfollow), and Engagment groups enough to get the thousends of followers(50k-100k). is this really help to grow a good insta account, if not . what do you want is working good? thank you

JARVEE is great for that, engagement groups just give you social proof.

You need good content to hit 100k with follow and unfollow. Once you hit a part where growth stagnates, you need different techniques.


Content is god on social media. :slight_smile:

Content is king. Context is queen.
Step 1: Create unique well made content. Everyone is trying to win the IG war so the only way to get great results is to separate yourself from the crowd somehow.
Step 2: Find the perfect audience or context to place this unique awesome content in.
Step 3: Profit.


thanks. very helpful comment

I’m glad I could be of help. It’s a very general advice but it is the key to success. Sometimes there isn’t a shortcut and you just have to spend a lot of time studying and learning about a niche. That way you will know exactly what works and what doesn’t, how to stick out from the crowd, trends and how to jump on them to go viral, etc.


thanks,yes i see now, i have only some questions please:
1- is the insta accounts aged red(3 months aged) safe for work and grwo them?
2- what after sell this accounts to a buyer, is this,red… can be change?

thank you a lot

  1. A three month old account should be fine. It’'s not a problem using a newer one too as long as you take the time to create it properly and warm it up.
  2. I don’t quite understand this question but you can always change your email to whatever you prefer.

As most people said, content is very important when it comes to growing. If you want to try a different approach tho, I would suggest you go with the mother/slave method, it can be a bit expensive and more time consuming, but the results are great. Good luck!

Generally there are 3 big growth methods out there:

  1. basic follow/unfollow: you do it either manually or with a bot like Jarvee, results can be good, but are limited, since you can’t do as many actions/day as you want…
  2. "viral" method: using good hashtags, maybe powerlikes and dm-groups. this one still works fairly well, but you need very good content with a very high viral-potential
  3. Mother/Child: Arguably the best and the most effective method, your growth almost only depends on your budget, it is basically like the normal f/u on steroids + no risk at all for the main account (mixed opinions on this but that is what most people say)

But yeah, like everyone else said, content is still king


Also keep in mind that mother/child method may not be targeted enough. Especially when targeting top tier countries and genders

Yes Thanks SO much For this Cool Informations, So working with jarvee using(follow x acc followers, use video stories) + dm groups i think can have a reel followers but comments still not productive at all.
anyways i ll have to test many techniques so i can find the good formula. thank you

I’m getting pretty close to 100k with follow/unfollow, but my content is better than most in my niche.

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