Insta dying? no we spoiled

These are my thoughts – take it as such with honesty.
All over people are saying insta is dying – killing itself. Before we say that lets talk facts.

  1. Blocks – disabling – More than ever.
    Q. Have we just become to spoiled to the easy money machine of IG? Come on folks, if you can grow one account successfully and another – odds are you can grow more. Than you scale up and make more money with the bots doing the dirty tasks, you do the tactics. Now, it has been taken away.

  2. Organic reach dead. Bull shit on this one. Reach is there, just way way smaller.
    you say == I can’t grow. There are new folks coming on the platform everyday growing using ALL tools, good content, stories, IGTV – etc. Just slower.

IG revenue is 18 Billion a year – from what I read, 25 percent of facebook revenue. You say it’s dying?
I say we got so damn spoiled now IG took our silver spoon away. People still make a boatload of money off facebook, and remember that they said Facebook is dying/dead 3 years ago.


I totally agree with you :clap::clap:

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When Instagram is sending AC, PV and blocking accounts of regular people who don’t ever know what a bot is, there is something wrong going on. Besides these technical problems regular influencers (not talking about people who have an easy life reposting/stealing content) are getting tired of the shitty engagement and reach and posting less and less. Yes Instagram is dying. There is a life cycle for everything and Instagram is at the end of it.

i agree but these AC did its job, people/companies with thousands of accounts either managing/selling likes and followers became prohibitive as expenses went higher and more accounts disabled. They said they are going after the SMM panels and hit em in the money maker – those fake accounts. Innocent accounts are the victims, they don’t care – they are doing what they set out to do. Kill panels and massive client botters


100% agreed, its just that easy times are gone (easy money)…

tbh its still pretty easy money since so many lazy people decided to quit, so many companies arent aware of all these blocks/changes and still are EAGER to grow/use these platforms, they will just find less providers… SMM panels hopefully soon will no longer be confused with agencies like us. That grow clients accounts.

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I agree with your points, but based on the theory that they are 100% copying what was done to monetize FB pages. It destroyed the platform for anything but people sharing crap with friends, which even then is arguably bad because you can’t truly/easily get that chronological feed to work as it should with your own friends.

It started there, then went down the “pay to play / see it in your feed” monetization route, which has very few pros for anyone but people with money to throw around. It’s what turned people away from FB, and now is turning people away from Instagram.

So yes, reach is still there, but so severely limited that nobody wants to use it if their content is never shown to the people they want to see it (or fuck, even their own followers), without paying boatloads of money for that exposure. In short, FB/Insta is only in this for money now, and arguably that’s fair as they are a business and they don’t want any growth hackers to exploit it for free on any of their platforms as they have been for too long.

And now that they’ve had enough with people riding the freebie train with every possible tactic out there, they’re clamping down hard to make sure that only they get a piece of the pie, the whole pie, and the pie from every grandma still using Instagram to post pie photos, and then breaking into the bakery to steal uncooked pies just because they can.

I really want some cherry pie right now…


“business is business, nothing personal” as they say. we forget all companies are there for one reason - profit. not pleasure. Even when Insta started it was designed for one thing – make money in a time when social media was a spring chicken, phones of good technology just coming out and the desktop was king. Social Media now IS a established ad business. EVERY SINGLE social media must now be pay or play to survive else they go bust. Wishing will not help nor one cannot turn back the clock. TikTiok now on the scene for a new target to get money. ( ya folks think its a easy plaform to grow?, think again as it gets bigger too and soon they will turn into a pay to play as they get bigger – 3-5 years down the line.)

Insta never changed face, just owners. it was made to make money. People will leave more will stay. Why? Because there are really no other players in town with the same feel of insta.


That is exactly what I was thinking about few days ago. Guys are banking with Facebook Ads.

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soon Instagram ads.
I can feel the anger to them, the frustration of all, hell I got them too.

  1. Insta/Facebook entry fee is zero dollars and zero cents. And we get pissed off cause its hard to make money like we used to. – gee, ya mean I gotta spend money to make money? no you don’t.
    Ya mean facebook wants me to pay?
    uh duh dude, its a business not a picnic

I personally believe the reason loads of people claim IG dead is because even though it is still possible to grow and make money on IG, it does require a financially good background. Only 10% of the botters or people in the automation industry has this kind of money. I mean @Alexnvo last time you did a quick count on doing IG with the shoutout method. Only basing my claim on reading different topics in here, mostly people are looking for cheap shortcuts. This kind of tells the financial background of the majority.
Alot of people did quit automation. Either because they can’t create grear content or they simply do not have the money to continue and a last thing is the simply do not have the know how to continue with the new playing rules on the platform

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this time right now in Insta is a toilet for us who try to grow and such( somebody paying us to grow the account/target for business growth) for free while we profit. Many are leaving - for whatever reason –
one fact remains.

  1. Millions of account owners want growth – they will pay for those who do.

Who and how now are the questions. Easy growth is gone. The rules got tighter.
The game is the same – growth/lead generation/product branding.


People just became addicated to the easy life and easy cash
but dont want to work hard when its getting harder
Seo Has Been easy for long time but as the life and tech got advanced also the Seo getting harder and complicated
but those people who dont stay with their hand on the heartbeat
and learn to adjust the new playground wont get further in Seo
(telling you this from all my heart as a google seo and instagram promoter for few years already)
learn the new playgrounds help you friends here and they will help you keep your heads up and your mind open to any changes

here u go :wink:


That hole is suspicious…


that is my home puter. adapt or leave.
whining, bitching not allowed. they do not help.
it is my choice, your choice. you are free to leave or stay
and not a tree as my mentor taught me


yeah its past the time where people could make $$$ doing absolutely anything on SMM but I think when there’s new social medias coming we can accelerate wealth by using previous knowledge on blowing up and theres so much potential in that

you mean that we have to adapt on what the platform offer the best for us if for example we want organic growth better go tiktok for services growth use instagram and for ads the best is and will stay Facebook as their platform fully remain on that

Seo and social media have nothing in common… With SEO good work repays. With social media and especially Instagram you can have epic content and still bleeding followers and have a ridiculously low reach because Instagram decides so…

Its not so difference as well as google can choose do the same the rules a bit different and the work is a bit different but the playground is still a playground

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Google is much more reliable and you know exactly which guidelines you must follow. Instagram doesn’t even admit that shadowbanning is a thing, come on…

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