Insta Reels disappeared because I am located outside United States. Any solution?

I am a social media manager and I am located outside United States. I recently noticed that Reels options has disappeared from the Instagram account I manage.

Is there any way that I can use Instagram account(s) from the US while being physically outside US. Say through some sort of VPS/VPN. I don’t know how would I do that even.

What do you recommend and how would I do it?


I was able to get mine back by logging out and logging in again.

located in a country where they offer Reels?

Yeah, in my country reels are available. I travelled to another country for 2 weeks where they weren’t available and my reels disappeared. Back in my country, I logged out and in again and they showed up again.

First I would try a us vpn. After connected, log in and out with us vpn and manage account only with us vpn. My reels didn’t showed up directly. Maybe 1 or 2 days later again. If you get action blocks for dm’s, liking, following or commenting, then search for a 4g us proxy supplier.

This can happen if you travel or login to your account from countries where Reels are not available. I don’t think there is an exact solution, but try this it worked for some people:

Open your Instagram app, go to your profile settings > Help > Report a Problem > tap on Something Isn’t Working and write Hey Instagram Reels disappeared and take a screenshot.

Also, make sure to update your account Password.

I don’t think using a VPN can help you to mask your location like you are in the US because your Instagram App has other ways to detect your real location by GPS and I don’t know what else they might be checking.