Instagram 2Factor-Authentication messages, being hacked

Hello, this is my first post here

I have around 5 Instagram accounts, all associated with the same number, and 2FA on around 3 of them.

My largest account has over 45K followers, and since yesterday, I have received over 70 of the Instagram “Use [insert code here] as your Instagram security code” messages.

Oddly enough, I have even received the same messaged from Facebook saying “Use [insert code here] as your Facebook security code”.

I think I am trying to be hacked, but I don’t know which account exactly? I have changed the password on my Instagram/facebook/gmail of my largest account but I still receive these messages. Is there something I can do??

How do I know which account is trying to be hacked?

make sure your 2FA is done through Authy or something similar. Phone numbers are never safe for 2FA (lots of people get simmed)

you won’t get notifications and theres absolutely no way you can get hacked unless someone steals your phone because its only accessible locally on your phone

This is odd. I would definitely change it to a super complex password (one of those that pops up on an iphone with the auto password generator) and see if the problem persists.

Do you have passwords stored on your PC? Download Malwarebytes and scan it for viruses.
Or if you are using an adroid you might have downloaded something sketchy.
Or your password is too simple to brute force. You’d be surprised how many people think that password “password” is something no one would guess.

Are you on a Windows pc? check for keyloggers.

I think that there isn’t any hack attack… Maybe you are in the EB code loop… Did you have enabled the EB to your profile?

What is EB code loop?