Instagram 7 day hard block hasn't expired


I received a 7-day hard block with a date for manually following/unfollowing and it was supposed to expire today (2021/03/03) but it hasn’t. I received the block at around 7am so I was expecting it to expire at the same time but I guess not. Any idea how long it takes?

hey, 3/3 isn’t over yet so might be a good idea to wait until tomorrow. If it’s still not gone by tomorrow, then log out and log back into the app and that should fix it. Worst case scenario you’ll need to delete the app and install it again, then login and it will work. But that should not be necessary.

what the guy above suggested is accurate it’s still early, you can log in from your desktop as well and see how it goes

Ahh ok, that’s reassuring, I’m still good to keep posting to my story/answering DMs and stuff? I’ve been getting old follow requests being accepted during my block and I was worried they might affect it?

you should be able to do other actions with no worries just don’t over do it and make sure that when the block is over to start very slowly 10-15 follow a day 2-3 follows an hour for at least 2-3 days then increase that slowly

I haven’t been able to post, like, comment or follow/unfollow. Will definitely take it slowly, will be grateful just to be able to post again! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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that should not be the case unless you have been blocked from using all these tools, when receiving hard block on follow/unfollow I can still do other stuff so that’s might not be your case, just be patient a bit and take everything slowly and the account will be back to normal.

I had a soft block initially, I was blocked from liking but could do everything else, this randomly turned into a hard block when I woke up one morning to check my Insta.

yes, that’s what I thought the account has been blocked from multiple actions hence you can’t do anything right now but no worries the hard block should end soon, and the account will be working again with no issues just keep in mind what we discussed above and start slowly.

are you performing actions on your own phone? or using a software? also what kind of actions were you performing before you were hit with 7-day block?

I’m only posting to my story + answering DMs. I occasionally try to like something to see if the block has gone. I was just liking and follow a lot before the block, all manually, not using any software or anything. I didn’t even know action blocks were a thing until I got this one.

how many follows a day were you doing? were you also liking a lot? how old is the account

I’m not sure, a fair amount I guess, maybe a 100 follows/unfollows a day. I wasn’t liking a crazy amount, maybe 50 things a day. The account is 7 months old.

So you were able to follow/unfollow without any issue for past several months right?

Yeah, it’s never been an issue before.

do you have a link in the bio?

Yeah, my website.

Hey all! I had a temp block yesterday which was due to end today. Can someone help me with this as I really need to get back on there. Could my account get deleted? Thanks.

Hey! How long till you were allowed back on to IG?