Instagram Acc banned

3 of my accounts got banned, I filled out that form to recover it. It only worked on the website. For 2 of them, I got that reply where they want you to send a picture of yourself holding a number. The third doesn’t react. It has been 3 days since I send the photo. How long does this take? How can I get my accounts unbanned?

It can take any time between a couple of hours till a couple of weeks. You need to arm yourself with patience.

You will have to keep filling out the form and sending in pictures regularly. Betting on a one time appeal will primarily achieve nothing :slight_smile:

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Nowadays you should do this once a day, until you get account back… people saying that it takes 1 week ~ 2 months to get account back =( keep seding once a day this forms!

As for us, we got our account back only after 1 and half months of sending 2 forms each day.

It varies. So just keep doing it until you get it back.

Yes, I agree with these things. You’ll have to be patient and persistant :slight_smile:

Should I resend the form, even though I got once that email asking for the picture and send the picture?

So regardless if they send that picture request email, you just send the picture, and open a new form? With a new email?

Or just keep sending the same picture as answer to the email every day?

Same picture will not be possible, if they request i new code…

But, it should not request new pictures…

Probably you will only need to send the forms… try to send 2 a day (wait some hours to send the second on the same day)

the secret is: keep sending everyday… people that have sucessful recovering, is because of this, sending everyday!

Hey Members, You need to send an appeal in a proper way. We have helped many people for the same.
We can say that Process is not easy.

The last thing that happened is that they sent the picture request and I have sent the picture. Should I still fill out a new form? Or wait for them to see my email with the picture?

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You can directly fill an appeal form where you have to sent your Identity Proof.

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The wait is unusually long but unfortunately, that’s the only way to get them back.

Has anyone got their account back in the last 3 months?

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How do you send 2 forms a day? When I send 1 every 2 days I get a spam alert and cant send in anything anymore. Also, are you using the facebook or the Instagram link?

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