Instagram acc gets insta "Disabled"

Hey guys!

Im currently setting my new IG accs up in MP, but they just get banned as soon as i registrer them?

How I do:

  • Add contact
  • Add proxy (private and high quality)
  • type in acc username and password (3-6 months aged acc)
  • Verify via Email

(Now its valid)

Then I:

  • Go to edit profile
  • Change IG name
  • Make Bio

(Now the acc is pending and i need to "Add account’s credentials and click on Verify Account For Validation)

  • I click Verify Account
  • The acc status changes to “Disabled”

What am I doing wrong?


Don’t change your username, bio or add link immediately. Use the account as you got it for couple of days, do some follows, likes, act natural.

Later change bio and username, and after couple of more days, add link.

Search forum for “warm up accounts” it’s been discussed a lot here.

I know how to warm up the accs, but didn’t know that i should start with the follow/like before change the bio and name!

I’ll try it out!


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Everybody has its own way, this is mine :slight_smile: and it works good for me. Hopefully, it will work nice on your side too.

First, add the account, DO NOT VERIFY. Just the name. No PW yet.
Add proxy in proxy manager, VERIFY THE PROXY. Then browse the proxy through the embedded browser, check it’s IP and check it against a ban list.

Add the account to the proxy if the proxy works,

Add the PW to the account.

VERIFY the account.

Do NOT change details of the account prior to verifying (the “contact” as you described it)

Do a few actions manually on the account using the embedded browser.

Phone verify if needed.

Some say wait a day or two, or even a month before changing the bio etc, in my tests, as long as it passes the PV and you can do actions on it, it’s ok to change the details.

As far as becoming disabled, what are you using for PV? you can only have so many accounts tied to one number/device.

Did I miss anything other MP social users? BrandonBerner?


Well. Probably your link is banned! That’s why you might want to be careful with links.

How do i check an IP against a ban list? Is there a website for this?

I dont add any links to bio :slight_smile:


I’ll try this step by step!

Hope it works im pulling my hair out here :smiley:

Im using new physical simcards from my own country. And a new phone every 10 acc.

Does it make any difference if i verify the email in my own browser or do i have to use the MP to log in to the email?

Use mp to verify the email. You can copy the verification email from your regular browser and paste it in the embedded browser so that the same proxy is used

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Try creating the accounts, using a dynamic IP and MEmu emulator…Then add those accounts to MP after 3 to 4 days using a proxy…It works like a charm for me…May get PV once in a while, nothing more than that