Instagram account above 10k followers no longer showing exact amount of followers

Hello everyone,

Didn’t see any topic on this so thought I’d post in case anyone else has the same issue. My IG account has over 10k followers which means I can’t see the exact followers on the account unless I click on the account name with the arrow at the top of the screen which normally displays the exact amount of followers (i.e 12,345 for example). Since yesterday that number is no longer there and I can’t even see the exact following account. I can only see the rounded number on the main IG page (basically same one others see). Anyone else having this issue? Please share!

@Catty - If you’re on desktop you can hover your mouse over the follower count to get the exact number.

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Wow thank you @shaneblay1 !!

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Exact number hides after reaching 10.000 followers.Followers are only shown as 10k,11k,12k…
To check the exact number go to insights then audience .


@Catty I can confirm, they removed that feature. It’s quite annoying, I get used to check the exact number as well.

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Yes same. It was convenient having that. I was able to do it yesterday and then I guess got the “updated” version

exact numbers above 10,001 never showed. It has been as @arlind14 going on like 6 years. Check your insights if a business/creator account to get exact numbers.


If got it correct this was regarding you own profile or? You can check the exact number always in your insights directly in the app .

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Thanks. That works as well. All this time I was able to see the exact amount without having to go there when I clicked the arrow at the top.

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you need to charge your phone

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indeed :smiley: but it made it from 6 in the morning till 2 in the night :wink:

My friend this time you are wrong. Before 1 week i was easily able to check exact amount of followers by just holding my account icon (I have multiple accounts logged in same time) but now they updated and i have not even updated my app. It is my personal account so no insights check method can be used and according to me they want to force us to convert to business accounts.

Not every account has that feature. I have many on my android and some do and some don’t. Insta changes things and it is not universal for that feature you ask. I was talking about the followers when on the account home page

So it was my weak English :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i thought you were talking about this feature. Btw that was cool feature to immediately check exact followers.

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