Instagram account banned do I reset phone or change sim?

I only have one account and think its shadow banned. I would like to start a new account…do I reset my iPhone or change the SIM card (I dont use my home IP for this account) or both or change phones?

Not sure why this topic has been so confusing although I ve read thru these boards. Is an instagram account connected your phone ID or the SIM card, or home IP address? They seem to know everything.

and is their a risk to using a used iPhone on instagram (not sure you can reset the ID )

  1. Change or reset your phone will have the same effect, i.e. change your device id.

  2. Your IP address changes every time you put your phone on airplane mode. You don’t need a new SIM card.

  3. Device ID resets every time you reset your phone.

Good day! :slightly_smiling_face: