Instagram account cant get verification code


Im using mass planner and everything was find until i uploaded a pic manually from my phone to my instagram account i got logged out and its asking me for phone verification so i wrote my number and didnt got any sms code

And then i used some free numbers from an online website and my account got dissabled

Now im facing the same problem on my other account help me please :pray:t2:

You should never use free numbers to verify your accounts. Also, you should wait for a couple of days if IG isn’t sending you verification code.

You can also use Mass Planner to publish a post and even change your profile pict so there’s no use to manually doing it.

Were you using proxies or a vps? As IG won’t lock you out instantly if you decide to use your account on your mobile.

You can check this out

Also, you can still recover the account by sending IG an email, Make sure you don’t mentioned that you are using any tools and tell them that your brother or some other person accessed your account.


im facing the same problem… IG not sending me codes. Im using real sim. What should i do? so that i can get codes to verify my accs…

the solution is simple, just use fresh real sim (never used for verification before), change the number to fresh real sim and the verify your account using fresh real sim. remember to verify in real phone (dont use massplanner to verify it)

Im using real fresh real sim and i open the accs in nox player… But still IG dont send codes :frowning:

Like @euhero told you before stop the accounts.

I had this same problem last week.
Just stop that account for 2/3 days. Don’t use that number to verify.
After 2/3 days you will receive your verify code.

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I will do that… thanks… :slight_smile:


Is there anything with my mobile or anything ? I stopped that account and will buy a new sim card to verify it

in my experiece, it occurs when you had verified other ig account with that number

my solution is change the number and verify using that number. remember to keep 1 number per 1 account

when this happens for me the code usually shows up in a few days. Maybe its a way of waiting for the phone number you got from your sms internet service to expire!

Use a new sim cards to create google voice and other text messaging service that IG accepts. Now you can use your real number and the created number from google voice and services like it.

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