Instagram Account Creation - please confirm its you

I always had quite some struggle using 5sim for Instagram account creation. The successful account creation ratio varies from day to day, with sometimes giving me 0 account after 100 account creations, with the message ‘‘please confirm its you’’ from Instagram after the code sent to 5sim (the number I got assigned) has been entered. Since I get usually all the way through to the SMS step in the Instagram account creation , I can only assume it has something to do with the SMS. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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JV account creator isn’t even working for me anymore. Trying to get support via jarvee ticket right now.

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Some users now prefer using real sims instead of virtual numbers and are seeing more success there.

Yes, please reach out to the Support team so you can be better assisted :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you prefer to create accounts manually then use real sims instead of online SMS providers.

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yes, I was considering it, but are there some known providers wich sell cheap sim cards?

Usually, the cheap ones are prepaid sims. Not sure if that applies to where you are but here on my end, we have postpaid and prepaid sims. I use prepaid sims for the new accts I create, then I enter the sim on an old spare phone (in case of manual PV). So you just have to keep that number active.

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What kind of proxies are you using? and how many accounts do you use per proxy? I don’t think the issue is related to the phone number you use. I still can create accounts using the IG create accounts tool and smsactivate without getting verification issue.

This is also a device flag. Its a combination of factors that can lead to that message, overused virtual numbers is one of them. What is worse, in many cases accounts can be locked down completely even if you do the re-PV…

Have you tried other online SMS providers? If you believe it’s an issue caused by SMS, you might need to try testing other providers and check what works best for you.

It s because of bad proxies, I have tested that

yes, the IP must-have issues, i would say get new proxies 4G good quality and try again.