Instagram Account Creation - Proxy / IP Changes on browser

How are a lot of people creating accounts? Mass accounts? I understand the "bluestacks’ system. My question is it possible to simply add a proxy to firefox and create accounts? When Instagram says you reached the limit of account creation just change the proxy again?

Can’t you add proxy’s to your iphone as well and just create accounts as well and keep switching the proxy?

Thanks in advance for the love!

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I could be wrong here, but I don’t think it’s possible to create accounts on PC browser. I have tried so many times and it just doesn’t work.

The problem with creating accounts from your phone is… footprints! Not just your IP address.

Every phone is going to have their own little unique ID/code, and when you install/use Instagram, it’s going to grab that information and use it to identify that device.

I learned today it actually called:

Check out this thread: (has everything you should want to know about creating accounts)


Honestly, for the amount of time required to create the accounts, I find it cheaper just to buy them.

Which one do you recommend?

it is possible. but when you run the account most of account will banned… so i suggest you to use bluestack method

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My question suits best in here,

In my pc with normal ISP residential ip addresses I can’t create accounts more than 1-2 without phone verification.
but in my friend’s home who has same ISP we have created 1000+ accounts with 0 phone verification and no change on IP addresses :slight_smile: We log out from the newly created account and create a new one without closing the browser.
The accounts are alive for 3 months and they didn’t have any issue for once. Still we can create accounts as much as we want at his home.

The problem is, what is the difference? Are these computers blessed :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not WebRTC leaks,
It’s not machine id that Instagram sending as ajax request on webpage,
It’s not IP address issue,
It’s not browser version issue,
It’s not user-agent issue,
It’s not javascript date leak,

What do you think?

if i use a proxy and bot for instagram. Does that mean I can no longer use my i-phone since the IP address will differ

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Nope. Think of it this way. It’s VERY common that multiple people around the world have the password for accounts. Social Media managers, artist managers, assistants, various employees all log into the same respective accounts.

How do I access this link? It seems blocked.

You need to be Level2. This is an old thread, the method you want to see no longer works.