Instagram Account Creation - Wich Type Of Proxy?

Wich type of proxy should one use? I have tested several types now even IPv6 proxies, but also residential proxies, 4G proxies (shared) and different providers. The most common problem I have seen is the bad quality. I must admit I have tried any of the most known suppliers ( etc.), since I can’t see how those shared proxies give me any accounts (since Instagram is now very strict). Have you recently (last 5-7 days) created accounts, if yes let me know the type.

4g proxies for main accounts, accounts that you want to grow and keep, you need to search for a good provider and test some of their proxies and see how it goes.

Datacenter for scrapers, it doesn’t matter if there are good or not but try to get decent quality just to keep the scraper alive for few days.

Thanks for your comment, although I really mean for - creation -, not the user afterwards. I am already aware that 4G proxies are the way to go, but the support assured me, that I can’t use 4G proxies for account creation (I need a lot of Instagram accounts)

It’s possible that what made your accounts die very fast is your actions after the accounts are created. How did you warm the accounts up? or did they get verification issues even if you didn’t do anything on the accounts? Have you also tried using residential proxies from proxy-cheap . com ?

why you can’t use 4G proxies for creation? is it because they are expensive?

I mean for account creation not the use afterwards.

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Don’t ask me… The support team also said one can’t use IPv6 proxies with the software. They probably have yet to get the software to this stage of being able to use those two.

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I understand about the IPV6 issue but I don’t think there is any issue when using 4G proxies for account creation.

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It is software related, that’s the problem. Both should work, at least generally. I must give those 4G proxies really a try. How much do you pay for your current package if I might ask? I already know the prices around, but it is always good to get some feedback here. Best

You’d want true 4G mobile proxies. Being worried about the quality is natural, given the number of proxy sellers is peaking. Do you ask for trials when you approach a provider? This is a rather convenient way to test out if the proxies are of good quality and whether they serve the purpose.

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I usually do, but how do you test them exactly in Jarvee for Instagram?

I teach you how to follow 200 per day a account last month.
but you still have problem.
Must use 4g proxies.