Instagram account creator 2022

Hello guys !

Could you please recommend me a good tehnique to create hq bulk accounts for ig?
And how many accounts per proxy with rotating ip should I use?

I tried jarvee accounts creation with sms but almost all accounts gets suspended and goes for selfie verification.

And also if you could recommend good proxies.

Thanks a lot !

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At the moment, the best way to generate IG accs is either via web apis or emulators. There are some obscure public bots out there but you have to be in the know in order to find them. Ideally in the Russian telegram communities.

You should only be using one IP per account. You can use a residential proxy provider and pay per GB for maximum efficiency. They’ll give you like 300 - 500 ports that you can use simultaneously. Don’t rent out individual proxies for acc generation as it will take ages and you’ll likely end up blacklisting high-tier 4g IPs within their pool.

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Not for child accounts lol. Those bots are terrible. Manual all the way!


You can make some pretty good ones using the emulator bots, I’ve seen them live for months on end with proper warm-ups. But yeah, the mob/web api based bots do not make good accs for M/S at all.

Yeah I think if they used legit private proxies and real sims it would work. But the emulated created accounts sold on russian sites are terrible to use as child accounts. Scrapers they work well for though.

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Also long time no see. Thought you were doing redit

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Yeah man, back at it in the IG game again. Reddit is becoming too saturated with all the incoming OF agencies and wanna-be Andrew Tates. Popping back into IG and FB but for portal services this time around. Seems like MP Social took a real hit to its active userbase since I was last active tho.

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Yeah becoming a ghost town now lol.


Thanks a lot guys, I will try to find some software and good proxies.

Hi and thanks for the tips!
I’m just starting out my journey to build an ig growth agency and have been reading really insightful stuff here :blush:
What does the web api mean? Is it going to instagram on the browser and creating the account there?

It’s basically a more streamlined way of interacting with Instagram’s web interface, yes.

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Hi im new here and its my first comment/post .

regarding your Thread,
i would suggest create via Emulator + by SMS + no need proxy, u can turn your android devices as proxies or use USB Modem. My experience since 2015, create IG with max 1 account per IP within 24hours.

Hope it will help u.

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Hello, I’m trying to create Instagram accounts but all accounts are being blocked with selfie ID, can you help me to solve this? I already tried to create using emulator (bluestacks, Memu).

I would use real phone + 4g proxy. Emulators are extremely easy to detect.

There a couple apps you can use to spoof the details on a rooted phone, to allow you to create multiple accounts from it. The exact details that need to be changed, change regularly… you would need to a/b test it, or speak with someone who can update you on what to change.