Instagram account deleted

Hi there.

It seems that instagram has deleted my account.

I had to verify my phone number several times during the last few days. Since yesterday I am not receiving the code anymore. Also the link to my profile is not working anymore.

Any chance to recover my account? Can I contact instagram and say someone has hacked my account?

I’d appreciate your help.



nope its gone!

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There are many threads about how to recover an account on this community. Generally its possible. Just use the search function.


How many phone validations do you typically get before they delete an account? Just got one today, had me very worried.

don’t listen to this guy. Google ‘Instagram account deactivated, how to recover’. You’ll have to fill out a form and they’ll ask you to submit an image of yourself with a special code. It might take a few days before you get it back/they respond.


Hello! I’m not sure if this thread is correct, but I will try to ask for help here.

So my problem is that i created my ig accounts in various niches like: travel, fitness, cats, dogs etc ~3 years before. I didn’t use them actively(didn’t grow with automation) for about 1-2 years already.

And after the break i tried to login into some of them. So from 70 accounts only like ~35 are working. All other, when i try to click on “forgot password” and enter my email - they show that “user not found” . Do you have any idea why would instagram delete my account? And is there any chance i could get it back?