Instagram account disabled ? how fix?

Hi guys.
I have an ig account and posting model photos. my account has been disabled.
I forgot to confirm my account via email and have an issue to reactive my account. Cuz Instagram dont accept my entered email. please send me text or any way to reactive my account :frowning:

Hi r3d_dragon,
Use this form to recover. You will receive instructions via email:

. ------------------: Method 1 :-------------------.

With ur email and a random #
But for description you do i believe i was banned for being underage
Once they email u back
They’ll ask for a iD you can use any iD
As long as it over 13 it’ll be unbanned

. ------------------: Method 2 :-------------------.

To whom it may concern,I am not sure why you disabled my account.
I was given no warnings about violating any of your terms and conditions.
I think its a mistake because i am sure i never violated any terms.
Please reactivate my account I’ve spent countless days building that page and you guys just took it from me for no reason!
I don’t know why you have an option to appeal the case I’ve sent this over 50 times and still no response and my account is still not activated i did nothing wrong!
Please help me here



Hi alossra
Thanks for your reply.
i’ll test this 2 methods and reply result here.
thnak you very much <3

your always Welcome Bro :smiley: <3
i wish you all the best of luck

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always confirm that is a private personal account and you’re in the USA.

continue contact them and send the request until you get back your profile.

sometimes it takes 1 day, sometime 1/2 week.

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