Instagram Account Disabled?

Appeals are not getting responded to recently.
Can anyone help me?

I’ve been gone for a month and a half…

how much per account?

If it is really disabled, then the only way to retrieve it is by sending appeals, over and over again until you get it back. You will need to be very persistent there.

No, It is not like that neither is it not easy.

what do you mean by it’s not easy, can you explain more, do you have any good tips for us on how to appeal for disabled accounts?

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Because there are some tips & tricks that has to be follow


yes same for me can you explain how?
I got my main account disabled and I used to appeals daily again an again and then after 2 weeks I get back my account

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hey were you sending appeals daily?

Did you need to take the selfie with code on email every appeal? Or only on the first?

I did mine a few times but also spammed the report bug feature like 100x on a different account saying they disabled my account wrongfully. Came back after a week of trying.

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Yeah idk I’ve sent around 70 appeals and haven’t got a single response

Hello. Just file an appeal via Facebook support chat. You write and say my account has been banned! Help! Your task is to ask them to send an application to the internal team. When they do, they will say that expect 24-48 hours, but usually return the account within 10-15 hours. If the operator refuses to send a request, just close the support chat and open a new one