Instagram account hacked - email hacked first

The account belongs to a client and has to do with politics (13k account) and was hacked, alreaady is taking a lot of popularity after 3-4 hours and that’s not good…
Seems like they hacked his gmail first and then the instagram account, and there is no way to get the email back.
Is there a way to report it to instagram and get the account back?

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Having a similar problem on some accounts. But I think i got scammed by the e-mail seller. I also have no sim for this accounts and I don’t know how to login without original mail .

Try this:

  1. Instagram’s support email:
  2. Via their Help center

Let me know


Just contact Instagram support and be patient. It may take some time to return it back but if your client has his own photos/works in profile he definitely will return it.

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Thank you both, but it’s “like” a political party “fans” so, no personal pictires in it…

He has Facebook page connected to this Instagram profile?

Yes! 13 characters

That’s great
You guys still have a good chance to get it back then
Just contact the support and wait a few days
They will ask you to provide some more information

contact their support everyday.
they will get back to you sooner or later

This is the link to report a hacked account that you no longer have access to on Instagram. Click on “I think my Instagram account has been hacked.” Then, scroll down and choose iOS or Android and follow the directions. You may have to have your client do this because it asks for specific information for verification. You will be asked for a phone number and/or secure email address. I believe you can choose a different email address at this point. Hope this helps!

[Report Hacked Account To Instagram ]