Instagram account hacked

someone has hacked my account and he enabled Two-Factor Authentication so i m unable to get back into account…as i have email access of that account… i m also not able to find instagram support link where i can report to them…so please help me to get my account back…and how to remove his phone number from 2nd mobile authentication…Thanks

My phone was stolen last week and when I tried to log in, it gave me the option of sending the code to my cell phone OR email. That was my first time seeing the option for them to email the code vs send a text, but it worked for me, hopefully you get the same prompt

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Also when you try to log in click “get more help” and they will have you fill out a form then they will contact you by email asking you to take a pic holding a code to prove you are the account holder, after that they will email you a link to log right into your page and you can update it

but for me he has set “Two-Factor Authentication” that is not letting me inside account becasue of his mobile number code but i have changed password n ll but their is his mobile number which asking for 2nd layer security …here i m stucking…

Here’s their link for hacked Instagram accounts:

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thnx…instagram support helped me to recover my account…

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I’m glad to hear that you got your account back :slight_smile:

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Any tips on how to contact instagram directly? All their REPORT A HACK links have been disabled and essentially do nothing.
Lost a 400k account today. no clue how.

When you say “lost” do you mean hacked, or disabled?

SO much spam the last few days!