Instagram account is down while PV?

Hey guys, today I experience something crazy what could be interested for you, maybe some of you have experienced something same

I have like 10 PV’s on my child accounts, I searched the names in Instagram and there was error for those

I thought they would get disabled after PV but after verification through speedyverify the accounts were again in Instagram

I dont know, actually the Accounts are still online in Instagram when they need PV, is this new that they are down now like disabled when needing pv?

This is not new. Accs have always dissapeared from IG when they need PV.


Mhh I have still a account that needs PV but i cant verify that acc and it is still online, is this after a update new with the dissapeared from IG?

It’s nothing new, accounts under PV are hidden and are not accessible via search

yes of course but he describes the exact opposite as his account is visible even though he has not done PV and account asking for.

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Facts: Accounts are always disappear when they got PVs.

But his account not that‘s what he is talking about.

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Oh my bad.
If it’s a client account it’s possible that the client already verefied the account and only need to verify in the software.

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what is a PV?

Classic question PV= Phone Verification or Phone Verified

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