Instagram account login problem

Hi, I have a client with verified account, he can’t update the password now because not remember old/current password it says incorrect (client is sure he didn’t change the password recently). When try to reset the password on the username instagram says:

Sorry, we can’t send you a link to reset your password. Please contact Instagram for help.

How can we contact Instagram? Should we report hacked account or something?

Did you use any automation tool that maybe changed the password because of some verification that was asked? You can try to ask for password reset from some other device and IP, see if this will help.

Yes viewing stories, but Im not sure if it changed password. It should not. Im afraid if client logout that we won’t be able to login again. We report problem from inside the app, but Instagram not reply yet.

I think for verified accounts the password cant be reset

also got a client who cant log in -showing a white screen

Im not sure what to do, we don’t know the correct password now and Instagram says they can’t send link to email when try to reset, but to contact them. Is there any way to contact them so they reply fast?

Bumb, any idea what to do? Someone with same problem? We can’t report inactive account because account is active, we can’t reset the password it says ‘‘Sorry we can’t send you a link to reset password. Please contact Instagram’’ And contacting them seems impossible no email no phone.