Instagram account reach is declining

Hello I am an artist and I have a creators profile on Instagram with 3500 followers. My audience ratio is 70% male and 30% female. Also I used bot for increasing my followers in 2018. My account reach isn’t much and there are 12-25 views on story. I am not able to get the reason. Also my reels view are 1800-2000. Can any of you plz help me to understand the reason behind this. Also should I stop posting on this account and start from scratch?

It depends on the content that you are posting. You need to make sure that it is very engaging. Also, you should check if your audiences are active users. You can also interact with them you increase engagements.

the account followers is not that big but the reach is even lower you should consider a change is the content that you are posting, try to test few stuff and see your followers reaction you can also create other child accounts that help the main one grow.

No. You should be consistent and keep publishing good contents to your account. Try applying some tips from this thread:

It should help increase your account’s reach.


Hey thanks for this tips and I tried turning it into a public profile from business but my reach is declined heavily is it just for initial days or I should stick with the business one only.

why did you switch to a public profile? i don’t think tehre is a need for that.

I noticed huge drop lately, I usually reached 70k+ per post, now I’m just reaching 10-20k