Instagram Account Retrieval

I have an old instagram account which I remember the password to, however, I do not have access to the e-mail anymore. It has not been linked to facebook or a phone number.

How can I regain access to this account back?

Is the account active or disabled? I believe Instagram recently changed the layout of the app, there was once a “get help signing in” link that allowed you to use an alternate email to regain access to hacked/lost accounts.

The account is active, if that works tho can’t anybody just retrieve any account they want?

It says “We detected an unusal login attempt” I get the option to have a security code sent either to my phone or e-mail. I have no access to both tho, is there any other way to retrieve the account?

There is no automated way. But you can try to contact Instagram.

I don’t know how much value the account has. It can be easier to make a new account.

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