Instagram Account Sellers?

Hello! I am looking for the IG Account Sellers (Quality Accounts). I took a look in “Tools of the Trade” but couldn’t find much.

It’s filled with a lot of different topics. Maybe, I don’t have access to Buy/Sell?


From reading around quite a bit @HenryCooper seems to be the real deal when it comes to proxies and accounts :clap:

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Does he have any sort of website or something?


The marketplace is only for lvl 2


Yeah all the sales threads where you will find accounts and proxies etc. are in Level 2 of MPsocial

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Henrys’ accounts work great have 30 or so running now :+1:


How much are they? Are they aged?

Looking for the same information.

They are described as “high quality, aged accounts”
Price is 2$ per account.

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Where do you get this information? Is there any sales thread or something?

In the link I posted a bit further up :kissing_heart:

If you participate and provide value you will reach level2 on MPSocial and that gives you access to the marketplace. There is a lot of good sellers there for accounts and proxies :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m trying to be active and helping others. But it’s kinda of lengthy process. mWish, Mods / Admins of this forum could lower down the requirements for the Level 2.

Thank you @HenryCooper for coming out. I’m looking forward to working with you soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link, will give these a try!
@HenryCooper 1 question: Where are the mobile proxies located? And how many accs can I create using the premium mobile proxy :slight_smile:

You should never create and operate accounts on the same proxies, if you can avoid it.

Would only use it for acc creation, not for management… Need a good mobile rotating proxy for that… Will this one work for that purpose? :slight_smile:

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Better would be to use your own 4G connection. This way you have the lowest amount of pressure. Also our proxies are not force rotating because that is - general speaking - a bad thing to do. So I guess those wont be cost efficient for you.

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ok, thanks, will try with my own 4g connection then I guess! Thank you!!