Instagram account temporaly blocked help me

Hi guys, yesterday while i was entering on instagram i received a message wich tells me that my ig account was blocked temporally. The problem is my verification account: it’s very old and the domain isn’t existing anymore. I saw some of you received an aswer from the assistence, but i can’t find a way to contact them. Anyone of you could help me?
Please i’m despareteee

You cannot do much but simply contact support and explain to them your situation.
You can also re-try re-registering the original e-mail connected and then contact the, and then let them know that you are not receiving any code.

If you need the form, please google it and you’ll find it : )

Good luck

How can i contact the support? I saw people like @ossi find a form and compilate it, but when i do the same things it brings me to the central help. Please someone help me

if someone can do this for me, couse i can’t make it, it don’t give me the option

If you have another phone, try to find the support request form on that phone.

Is it not possible for you to re-register the domain and create the same email address, so that you can receive the verification code from IG?

i sent emails to, now i need to wait their responese. The problem is in my country, i think in italy we don’t have the option to do the support request, so i need someone external. I tried alredy with another phone, but still nothing

I don’t think the form is only for specific countries. I live in Europe too.

That’s great. I think you’d have a better chance of recovering your account by creating the same email.

@ossi could you come in pm?

yeah i know, but i can’t understand why instagram gives to some people the form and to other no. I’m hoping that they answer to me (, but i want to have another chances contatacting instagram. So could you help me?

@ossi the problem is that now they want a payment for creating the mail (35€) that’s crazy thing. I want to be able to speak with instagram, couse some people said that they didn’t riceved anything on their mail.

35 euro for creating an account.
Its totally a scam, are you offering a service?

Yeah, are scammers, but before it was a super secure domain

I wouldnt get the service if its like that.

Me too, but before it was safer than gmail, because no one knows that mail service

Still the safest email is gmail.
Instagram connected with phone number and gmail account with the same number attached to it.

I totally agree, all other emails I’ve tried using got me nowhere. So I am sticking with Gmail.

If you want to create a a good and strong account you should attached a phone number and email to it.

I attached a phone number, but they don’t contact me there. I need @ossi help

The phone number is block by instagram or the proxy is half a world away from the original or email that is connected from the moment that the account is made.

Never delete the number once attached to the account, it will get flag.

My hope is to get the Form and to fill it