[Instagram] Account with over 3 million in followings. How it is even possible?

Hey! Just saw several accounts on instagram that has millions of followings even if the limit is 7500. How it is possible???

Probably the account of the person who posted on here the other week that they were gonna make their account indescructable with no limits - seems like they have achieved it haha :clap:

Instagram didn’t always have a 7500 following limit.
This account probably massed before that.

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Those numbers were before instagram put the limits.

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This is one of the few accounts created before 2012 and who had more than 7500 followings the day when Instagram had set the limit at a maximum of 7500 followings.

These “special” accounts have no limits of followings.

You have the worldwide top 100 instagram sorted by the number of following here:


It’s got a Sweet handle too. Deserving of 3m followings.