Instagram: accounts, 4G proxies and actions [limits & recommendations]

As the titles says, this thread is about using jarvee or other automation tool using 4G proxies and managing multiple accounts.

I want to know what are you recommendations when it comes to:

  1. Number of accounts that you can run in the same time on the same proxy

  2. Limits of actions per account and per batch of accounts (e.g. 100 actions per account | 300 actions per batch of 3 accounts). Feel free to mention differences by account warmh state (new, cold, warm, etc)

  3. If changing IP while running a follow/like campaign helps or not (e.g. Running same IP for 30 minutes then pausing the campaign, rotating ip, continuing campaign with the new IP


It basically depends a lot on your whole setup. Example : If you have API bot made IG accounts, you know you won’t be able to run many of them - at all - on the same proxy. They will die anyway at some point. It goes the same for proxies. If you run your accounts with a shared proxy, or a dedicated one, it won’t be the same. And there are other factors.

Key message : if you actually think your setup is strong, test multiple batches of accounts and push their limits. No one can really tell, as no one can push your accounts on your setup for you.

We all play at a different pace, due to the same previous quoted factors. I personally reach the daily limits with my accounts, like many users here. Won’t detail the warm-up process, but it’s not hard to guess :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make sense to me. A normal user won’t rotate the IP every 30 minutes. So why thinking about doing it ?

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Because from reading others experiences I was given the impression that total actions is also IP related (actions/IP) not just account related. I might be wrong, that’s why I’m asking.

Don’t spend too much time reading others experiences as they don’t reflect the same setup than yours at all ; hence, in most cases it won’t be valid. It will take you only 1 day, and you can get the “exact” answer yourself :zap: This experience will be valuable for you (not the others).

True story. I’ll do that once I’ve got all of the setup in place. Testing on my actual environment it’s surely the best choice and I’m planning to do that but the reason for the thread was to manage expectations ahead of the setup being done so I can estimate my capabilities.

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for proxies, slaves = 2-3 in datacenter proxies, main = 1 if you are using normal ones, 2-3 if you are on a 4G

The number of actions really depends on the account age and previous actions but as a general guide, warming up with different tools (like comment, stories, random actions) should be good, main actions should always start slow and increase by 5-10 per day (follow/unfollow= 120-150, like 120-150, comments 20-30 )

If you’re going to use proxies from multiple locations that are far from each other, then it’s better to avoid rotating proxies. But if you have let’s say 5-6 proxies from the same location, for example, London, you can use Rotate proxies since that will mimic human behavior even better. People do move around and connect to different Wi-Fi’s

If you are using 100% 4g proxy than I think you can use good amount of accounts. just don’t login multiple accounts from same proxy at a time. login 1 acc per proxy with good or highest delay possible for you. you can run around 10 accounts without issues. you just need to deal with action limits after successful login. and run accounts in time slot manor if possible. it will add extra safety to your accounts