Instagram Accounts and Proxies

Hey today i bought 25 Instagram accounts from a guy in a forum who had a good reputation. Then i bought 25 proxies from After putting all of them into massplanner almost all got banned. 50 dollars wasted. Now i wanted to ask if someone can recommend me suppliers for accounts and proxies that do not break instantly. Thank you guys in advance.

Did you do any actions or did they get banned as soon you have added them ?

Also did you read this

no i just logged in once all of them asked for email verification. after that it said page not available and now they ask for phone verification.

yes i read it. i used 1 proxy per account just to be sure

What I can see from your post here is that you didn’t read it. MP actually recommend you

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Read this: and this

Ok man are they banned orbthey need PVA?? I suggest that you contact the seller if you didn’t do any action in MP.

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those proxies cost too much, I get them for 2.50 each

Also, check this thread as this might be helpful for you